Catweazle and the Betwithered Blogger

50 years ago in Ireland, when TV was in its infancy there, there was a program entitled ‘Catweazel’ – named after the main character – a misfortunate flung from several hundred years previously, into the then present day. Out of time, out of element, out of step, he fumbled his way around.

I was reminded of him by my own ‘out of element’ feeling, as I try to grasp what exactly a ‘blog’ is.  To  have one was suggested to me by a wise woman I instantly named my Fairy Blog Mother.  Next, my multi-talented singer-songwriter-actress-blogbegetter god-daughter offered to set me up with a blog…and instantly became my ‘Fairy Blog Daughter’. The best I might get from blogging might be humility… though I should have gotten that years ago given the way I struggled with math.  The struggle to learn computers has long been going on, and I feel like one of those birds whose parents unceremoniously shove it out into the air.  ‘When the ground goes from under you – wings appear’?

Nothing seems obvious to me.  I envy three year-olds, unweighted by history or past failures, only gifted with an abundance of curiosity… yet I blog on…